Our Company

Overseeing all aspects of construction SRC Group work together in achieving a project is completed successfully to the highest standards within budget and always on time! SRC commit a strong focus with aiming to support and enhance local communities along with protecting the environment we intend to present a professional but personal service to all customers.

There is method in the madness:

    -    Keeping closely connected with traditions and local customs we always comply with the law.
    -    Business is completed within a focused clear ethical framework
    -    Maintaining self and healthy work environments for stakeholders along with ensuring the public remain safe and secure

By sticking to our accurate way of business we produce excellence in the forms of schools and public buildings, also commercial structures and many more constructions.

As well as bringing years of experience to the business SRC are proud to demonstrate that every new project brings further knowledge, skills and involvement to all.


With years of influential experience director Robert Cooke is a talented, important member of the team.

The supportive business role and superb organisational skills for SRC are supplied by Deborah Cooke. Keeping the business running smoothly and paperwork up to date is what Deborah excels in.